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MediaInfo 0.7.48 Free

Find out which codecs your videos need

MediaInfo Mac Free

Instantly obtain technical data related to your media

XviD_codec 0.5.1 Free

QuickTime component to play and encode XviD files

QT AC3 Codec 0.4 Free

AC3 decompressor component for QuickTime

3ivx D4 4.5.1 Free

3ivx D4 4.5.1-Popular MPEG-4 codec

x264 QuickTime Codec 1.1.0 Free (GPL)

x264 QuickTime Codec 1.1.0-H.264 support for Quicktime 6 or under

QT AC3 Codec 0.3 Free

QT AC3 Codec 0.3-AC3 decompressor component for QuickTime

Lame 3.97 Free

Lame 3.97-Encode your MP3s easily

mp4vEncoder 0.9.2 Free

mp4vEncoder 0.9.2-MP4 encoder with support for MP4V and MPEG-4

SheerVideo HD Pro Trial version

SheerVideo HD Pro perfect real-time video codec