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OmniDazzle 1.1.1 Trial version

Mesmerizing mouse movements

LazyMouse 2.2.2 Trial version

Save time, move your mouse less

Mighty Mouse 2.0 b1 Trial version

Customize your cursor in style

Mouse Locator 1.1 Free

Mouse Locator 1.1-Instantly find your mouse cursor

Eyeballs 3.2 Trial version

Eyeballs 3.2-Eyes to keep you company on your Mac

Wraparound 1.3.1 L Free

Wraparound 1.3.1 L-Wrap your cursor around multiple screens

iCursor 1.40 Free

iCursor 1.40-Add sparks and lights to your cursor

Startrail 2.0 Free

Startrail 2.0-Make your mouse leave a trail of stars

OmniDazzle 1.1 Trial version

OmniDazzle 1.1-Mesmerizing mouse movements

Startup Mode Selector 1.1 Free

Startup Mode Selector 1.1-Instantly reveal whether you have a 32 or 64 bit machine